Splash Screen on Nissan or Infiniti

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2018 Nissan Armada Platinum Reserve 5.6L (VK56VD) 7-spd (RE7R01B)

Installed a new display screen 28387-5ZA0D in a 2018 Armada and the splash screen is showing INFINITI instead of Nissan?

Is there a feature in Consult that I missed? Everything else is working ok. How do I change the splash screen?

Oscar Diagnostician

Can you retrieve the information from the old one, and transfer to the new one? This will be the only way that I know, but I’m sure it has to be other way. Hopefully someone from a Nissan can answer this for you.

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Robby Technician

Hi Bryan, I programmed/configured a used display on a 16 Pathfinder one time. Everything worked fine except I had the same issue as you with the splash screen. There were no configurations for that feature in the C3+. I figured that was something that could not be changed since it was used part. However, I heard back from that job a few days later and the shop stated the splash screen had…

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Timothy Owner/Technician

No function in the tooling will repair that issue…I've never had one spontaneously ‘repair’ that issue. I've only done a couple, and they both had the issue…OTOH, both of the owners were actually OK with an upscale Infiniti logo on the screen!

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