Unable to buy ESL for Mercedes

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2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 3.0L (272.947) 6-spd (716.6)

What repair are you unable to perform?

Unable to purchase the ESL

What information are you having trouble obtaining?

Buying a steering lock

What steps have you taken to obtain the information you need?

Called NASTF to confirm that a government issued ID is not valid for people proof of ownership.

(Optional) Any other comments or concerns?

My client is unable to drive, however he is able to purchase a vehicle, yet I can't buy a part to fix his vehicle. The client has a title, current registration, and a government issued ID card.

I'm confused on why the only acceptable proof of ownership is a state issued drivers license. My client is unable to drive, however he has a vehicle that he provides to his caregivers. A GOVERNMENT issued ID is no different than a DRIVERS LICENSE for PROOF OF OWNERSHIP.

Yet the customer can go to the dealer and have the repair done without issue, likely by a technician without a VSP.

Donny Manager
Donny Rejection

Matt, The requirements for NASTF Secure Data Release Model are that the VSP has a driver's license to become a VSP and that the customer or their agent (family member or authorized party) has a driver's license. The caregiver is clearly an authorized party as long as the owner tells you so. This policy which has been in place since day one, is to avoid someone without a driver's license from…

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Matt Diagnostician
South Carolina

Donny, Thank you for the update! When I called in to ask about this process, I was not informed that was an option.

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Donny Manager

Yes, I see that this information is not available to the help desk. The intent of this is to allow a family member to have a key made. In these cases it is important to verify that the 3rd party is indeed authorized. Easy if the owner is with you. It sounds like a perfectly safe and reasonable way to provide service with the least amount of risk. The other use of this approach is when someone…

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