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Hello everyone. I am curious what people are utilizing for repair information (ie wiring diagrams, service information) for mainly Mercedes, BMW and Audi vehicles? We find Alldata and Shopkey lacking in European information most of the time. Are there any other good resources other than the OE service sites?

Nate Owner
Santa Cruz, California
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We specialize in BMW and Audi, so we have both ISTA and ODIS. However, for most repairs, my guys are able to find the wiring diagrams and the service information needed in Alldata or Identifix. We have looked at Mitchell and their newest addition to the non-OE wiring diagrams (being able to click on a component and highlight all the wires associated with just that component) is pretty cool. We…

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Frank Service Manager
Las Vegas, Nevada
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1) you can request information from ALLDATA and Identifix if you do not find it on the site, 2) we subscribe to all needed factory websites when needed

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Stephen Mechanic
Seattle, Washington
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Newtis really good info pulled from OE setups for BMW. it is however a free website, and I would certainly recommend that you have something that is continuously updated with the factories newest information, but it does contain breakdown similar to what you would see in ista.

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Bill Owner/Technician
Jackson, Michigan
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Your gonna want OE info for these brands if you wish to offer competent service... erwin​.​audiusa​.​com bmwtechinfo​.​com startekinfo​.​com

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Samuel Technician
Somers Point, New Jersey
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Not sure of an exact recommendation without knowing your work load. I find that after wiring diagrams, Alldata (my go to SI), their info is a bit lacking for BMW....I manage and yes we can request additional info. However, if you want point and click on demand SI, for beamer, Ista is an option. I would base the decision on how much Euro you see. If Euro's arrive randomly and are not the bulk of…

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Doru Technician
Suceava, Romania
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I use Autodata and Workshopdata. They gave me 2 weeks free to try them out. If I don't find the info, I go the OE sites or buy the workshop manuals.

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