Power Steering Randomly Stops Working

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2008 Cadillac SRX 3.6L (7) 5-spd (5L40-E)
Power Steering Just Stops Working While Driving Customer States
No Codes

Found broken wire to assist, solenoid repaired, no codes, I can not duplicate the problem, all power steering is gone. Customer says it happens randomly.

Joseph Diagnostician
San Antonio, Texas
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Electronic Power steering have a control module, are there any codes?

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Kirk Mechanic
Jackson, Michigan
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No codes, but let run for hour it was hard to turn, reved motor works fine again.

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Allan Instructor
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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What is charging voltage?

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Stuart Mobile Technician
Blue Island, Illinois
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I had a similar issue with an 07 Malibu.I replaced the module and motor as a complete unit with a used one​.​Seems as though when they get old they need that extra boost that revving the engine put out​.​Good luck

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Caleb Diagnostician
Mishawaka, Indiana
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This car does not have an electric rack. It has a solenoid on the rack housing that varies hydraulic flow volume thru the rack under various steering load conditions. I would flush the entire system and fill it with Dexron 6 or equivalent trans fluid. See if it still happens. If not I would replace rack an pump with new OE an check lines for collapsing.

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Jeffrey Diagnostician
Lawrence Township, New Jersey
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Usually it’s the pump ! But may need rack too ! I can’t see the “condition “ of car ! depending on mileage might need lines as well, this era car is usually in much need of some love when i see them !

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Charlie Owner/Technician
Freetown, Massachusetts
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Check the remote power steering reservoir there's a screen in the bottom that gets plugged. I had a 2010 equinox that had new rack and pump I replaced reservoir and flushed out ps fluid replacing it with DeX 6 and its been a few months without issue.

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Kirk Mechanic
Jackson, Michigan
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had customer drive over week end, power steering stopped working, had them pull over shut car off and restart, power steerting started working again, so im going to try Charlie Soares idea, thanks for the input, will let u know

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