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Pico Scope-ers!! Have you ever wanted to use a lab scope accessory that isn't listed in the probe list? Have you ever wondered how you could convert the voltage output of your tool to display on the scope in Amps, pressure, etc? Then check out this fantastic video by Keith Perkins.

After watching this quick video, you will be able to make a custom probe and automatically translate the output into a measurement value you desire.

Keith does a great job explaining step by step for everyone to follow. The members of Trained by Techs aim to help everyone become a master of their trade and hope to see you attending training with us! Have a great day and we hope you enjoy!

Check out the video!!

Thanks for watching!

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Great information Keith, thanks.

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great video

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Thanks for sharing​.​Very helpful.

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Helpful information......and love those Zs.

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