Picoscope Education Series

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As a continuation of Tanner's previous post on this topic, the Trained by Techs group developed a series of videos around the use the Picoscope software. We will start with basic tests and move up to advanced testing. We will be updating this post as the videos become available. Thanks! 

Part 1 Downloading PicoScope Software and Opening a file

Part 2 PicoScope Navigating Part 1

Part 3 PicoScope Navigating Part 2

Part 4 PicoScope Basic Trigger

Part 5 PicoScope channel labels and printing options

Part 6 PicoScope Color Settings

Part 7 Scope and Scan Data File Organizing Tips

Part 8 PicoScope Image Saving

Part 9 Saving PicoScope Start Up Settings

Please comment and critique, that is how we learn! 

None of us are perfect, or know it all, and we all make mistakes. Let's use the DN platform to discuss!

Cliff Diagnostician

This was some good stuff. I had no clue I could put the shop information into the Pico Software after owning a Pico for 7 years. I do have one recommendation and that would be to make the mouse pointer bigger so it's easier to follow during video presentations. You guys at TBT are doing great things for the industry and it's much appreciated by the people I have shown your stuff to. Keep up the

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Brin Diagnostician

Hey Cliff! Thanks for the kind words and for sharing our stuff. We really appreciate it. I'll see if my screen recording software can enlarge the mouse pointer.

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Keith Diagnostician

Part 4 has been added!

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