2012 Ram 1500 No Crank

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2012 Ram 1500 Big Horn 5.7L (T EZH) 5-spd (545RFE)
No Crank / No Start

You don't want to πƒπŽπƒπ†π„ this one guys, π‘π€πŒ πˆπ“!

In this video, Brin Kline shows how he can't exactly get his Ram turned on!

Okay, joke's aside, turn Yourself onto this 2012 Ram 1500 No-crank condition case study!

Man! This Ram case study doesn't disappoint!


Ray Diagnostician
North York, Ontario
Ray Default

Thank you for the excellent video!

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Albin Diagnostician
Leavenworth, Washington
Albin Default

Thanks, very nice diagnostic path.

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Rick Technical Support Specialist
Saint Charles, Missouri
Rick Default

Great job on strategy and circuit explanation.

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Allan Instructor
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Allan Default

Thanks for posting this Brian. Question - how many WIN modules does it take to correct a no-crank no start on a Dodge Ram? Answer - none if you know what your doing. Great case study Brin. Shows how a little research and a proper understanding of system operation as well as a wiring diagram can lead to a successful repair. Excellent diagnostic strategy and cool tip with the test light. I use my…

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