G Class W463 Front Wipers Not Working

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Front Wiper Not Working



the front wipers not working, no faults code on all modules.I can not find on alldata information about the circuit of the front WIPERS​.​ PLZ can you locate for me the fuses and the relay that feeds the front WIPERS​. ​WHICH sam control it?


Caleb Diagnostician
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Alot of Euro cars disable the wipers if the hood switch shows open make sure the hood is closed and /or the switch reads closed.

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Adam Manager
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Your vin is coming up as invalid, however I believe you can monitor hood switch status as previously mentioned through the rear Sam module iirc.

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Terry Technician
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Hi Aly This G wagon gets its supply voltage for the front wiper motor from the engine fuse box at fuse 111 which is a 30amp fuse. At the wiper motor you are looking for a red/black wire from the fuse box. is this powered? there is also control of the wipers at the front sam box on a LIN Bus at pin 4 on the wiper motor connector which is a black/yellow wire. The motor is earthed at the earth…

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