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I am asking if anybody is aware of OEM HD software such as cummins insite being problematic with automotive OEM software?

Some guys partitioned laptop or runs multiple. Such as Mazda/Ford ids.

From expwrience so far all HD software seems to work flawlessly without any conflict.

Austin Owner/Technician

i have Insite and ford IDS/FDRS on the same laptop and havent had any issues. i also use the same laptop to program GM vehicles.

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Tyler Owner
South Carolina

This is exactly what my company (Diesel Laptops) does. You can install every bit of OEM software on one laptop with one partition and it will be fine. Maybe 15 years ago you needed different partitions and such, but today it isn't an issue. Also don't use Windows 11, its not approved by everyone. Side note, if you are going down that path, look at TEXA or Cojali. Both are multi-brand tools that…

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