Technician Talk Part 9 - Outspoken on Training [Episode 528 Remarkable Results Radio

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RR 528: OUTSPOKEN on Training

Technician Talk 9 with Bob Heipp, Peter Landry and Matt Fanslow. This outspoken trio ponders training in a big way since we recorded this at vision. It was a perfect topic since Vision of the Premier training event. As it is typical with this trio they didn’t hold back and we had some fun.

We cover what it takes to be a trainer, what type of student are you, hands on, play or research and critical thinking just to name a few.

Find the show notes and talking points at remarkableresults​.​biz/e528


Allan Mechanic

Any dolt can r and r. Why do the good techs have to hand of gravy jobs to the incompetent?

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