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I sold a Cardaq 3 Plus to a customer that is some distance from my home base. The customer wanted specifically to be able to program Chrysler vehicles. Since FCA requires a tool be validated (1 to 3 days) previous to using it I thought I would get on top of it and register the tool before arriving on-site. When I got there and set up the customer's PC, I found that I could not get the system to work. After fighting the software for three hours, it became evident that the approval FCA sends is for either the laptop or the combination of the laptop and J-2534 device. I also discovered that even though the Cardaq 3 Plus has four CAN channels and the Cardaq M w/Add On module has three CAN channels, the Cardaq 3 Plus is not officially validated. It does appear the tool may work. It just does not have the Mopar stamp of approval.

So if you are selling these tools to customers, I would recommend selling the laptop and the J-2534 as a combo or setting up in several sessions. (If you are taking responsibility for the install) If you are a shop planning to use the Witech 2.0 J2534, be aware that there are some hoops to jump through. There are specific guidelines in the FCA documentation. kb​.​fcawitech​.​com/article/witech… The highlights are Windows 10, at least dual core 1.5 GHz or faster, 4 plus GB of RAM, 2013 Distribution of C++ Runtime (both 32 and 64 bit), Java Developer JRE 8-121 (Requires Registration to Oracle), Internet Explorer 10 or higher. When you purchase a subscription, You will receive information on OKTA. This is another layer of security required by FCA. For the aftermarket version FCA requires the use of a second Apple or Android device to produce OKTA code. (OKTA Verify from Google Play Store) This OKTA code is time sensitive. Both the PC / Laptop and Android device need to be synchronized to the same time. This gave me some headaches until I figured out how to synchronize. diag​.​net/file/f4sbqt1uh… ​ There is a tab in the OKTA verify application that says "synchronize time". Click it to keep both devices on the same time. I have a micropod that I use that was set up by another vendor. It uses a PC version of OKTA. This version does not seem to be publicly available. If anyone out there has a link, it would be much easier to use the version on-board.

Since the WiTech2.0 J-2534 software is very specific on the Java version, it would be best to place on it's own partition or laptop. Meaning you want multiple versions of Windows 10 on the laptop. One for each OEM you plan to cover. Some play OK together. GM and Chrysler both use Java and they each have their own flavor they like. I would definitely separate those two. Also turn off the Java updater. Mazda and Ford both use IDS but different versions. Installing on same partition is prevented by the software itself.

I hope this helps others that attempt this save time on their installs. I had watched the videos and read the instructions that FCA provides. Somehow I missed that the J2534 device and Laptop are mated together and you have to re-apply to validate a different Laptop.

This was my first WiTech2.0 J2534 install so I am sure my information above is not perfect. If you have any other insights that will help others, feel free to comment.


Phillip Diagnostician

And people wonder why the black market and aftermarket scan tools exist.

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Brian Instructor

I have set up a few lap tops for shops along with the Cardaq 3 plus, and was also surprised to find that the devices somehow were linked to the specific computer. I have been having good luck getting GM Chrysler Ford and Toyota to play well using GMs recommended Java no partitions. It seems to take me a while to get the older programming files to download no matter how many computers I have…

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Paul Technician

Hi Michael, I just registered my Snap On Pass Thru Pro 3 with FCA, was able to flash a 2012 Grand Cherokee 3.6L to correct a false P0420 and P0430 setting. This was Thursday of last week. I don't remember it registering my laptop too, but maybe it did. It’s a brand new HP Windows 10 icore 5 with the new optane memory works. Wicked crazy fast. I have Ford, GM, Honda and Nissan software for…

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John Owner/Technician

the first time I set up witech 2.0 I registered my old cardaq plus and it was approved, I did a pre collision repair scan on a 2019 Ram 1500 and it worked just fine. I recently purchased A Snap On Pass through pro 4/ Cardaq 3, loaded all the drivers and went to get it approved but it would not come up in the list of my approved adapters. Fast forward to today, I went to program a used TIPM on…

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Michael Diagnostician

I use winAuth ( winauth​.​github​.​io/winauth ) on the PC Okta Verify Code. I run GM GDS, Win2Tech, Ford IDS, Toyota, and Honda all on the same laptop with no issue. I use Ford VCM 2 Ford IDS, and the GM VCI 2 for all others. Aftermarket submgr​.​am​.​fcawitech​.​com/login​.​htm Download the PC App and you can verify…

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David Instructor

Hi Mike, Thanks for taking your valuable time to post these tips. You're a leading subject matter expert in this high tech world of flashing and factory tool diagnostics! Like some others who have jumped on this post, I'm still on a learning curve with wiTECH 2.0. Glad one of the posters (Paul Barnhard) had no problems with a flash. Others may still need to review your valuable pointers…

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In an attempt to not hijack the thread, I created a new one outlining what information I have on the subject.

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