BMW E65 & E66 Audio System

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E65 E66 Audio System (MOST BUS)

I am sure many of you are familiar with optical entertainment system networks. The E65 chassis range is naturally very prone to troubles. Most commonly the satellite module, followed by the telephone module, logic 7 amplifier, and then the ASK.

Due to the age of these cars, they are now closing in on twenty years old, all different failures are being experienced. Lately, I have seen several early E65 vehicle with navigation drive failures. The navigation drives can of course fail internally, like any electrical component. However, the last two I have personally seen has been due to oil contamination which can easily disturb the laser head.

The hydraulic trunk lift cylinder is mounted above the navigation unit. When the trunk cylinder leaks (which is not uncommon), the hydraulic fluid seeps into the navigation drive. Naturally this can damage the unit & bring down the optical bus by means of a ring break. 

Here are some photographs showing the location of the hydraulic lift cylinder and a navigation drive that has been oil contaminated. 




Chris Technician
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great info thanks for the pictures

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Thanks for the tip.

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Jose Technician
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Thanks for the great tip Brandon. I believe in the US, the E65/E66 never got the CCC or CIC, it came with the ASK "AUdio SYstem Kontroller" or M-ASK "Multi- Audio System Kontroller"

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Brandon Technical Support Specialist
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you are correct, I just call them all CCC but yes ASK is correct

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