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2003 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.4L (1 M62) 5-spd (5HP-24)
No Crank / No Start
Security Theft

This vehicle presents as a no crank. Customer states that vehicle sat unused for a few months, battery went dead. Vehicle is now stuck in what the owners manual describes as "engine interlock mode". The NAV screen is locked on a 4 digit pin code screen. It appears this was supposed to be a PIN code the owner chose. The owners manual provides a procedure for "emergency deactivation". It states to disconnect the battery negative terminal for at least a minute. Reconnect and alarm will go off, it does. Shut off alarm with remote, it does. Turn key to position II, 10 minute countdown should start. The timer on the screen never starts to count down. Have tried a hard reset. Also of note is the only modules I can communicate with are the ECM & TCM. Owners manual also refers to this system as "Locking the ignition system". Not sure if this means spark, in which case it should crank. Thanks for any and all replies. Not much online or in service info that I could find.

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Hi Paul, You may give a shout out on the Facebook group as there are some qualified users, more than a few are dealer techs, I bet they would have some ideas on how to handle this, even if it is a T4 car. JLR-SDD and Pathfinder Users is the group name, good luck!

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Hi Paul SDD and Pathfinder are useless for above car as it is made on BMW X5 platform. Autologic is the best tool to work with it. EWS-DME system could lose alignment due to the flat battery. Autologic has the function for SEED CODE learning and synchronization.

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I remember my 325 bmw had a feature on a key pad on dash to choose a pin to lock out the starter. Turn the key and nothing happens. Never had to bypass it. I'm going to look at my l322 training manual; if I can find it.

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Just a quick question you are obviously able to turn the key in the ignition, the steering lock should deactivate if it does the stand alone immo (separate from alarm remote control) is working. I am not sure at the moment whether the MFD controls the PCM blocking the start enable or does the PCM look to the MFD or do they check with the immo module. I am running one of these myself, and…

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This has been a fill in job so I apologize for the gap between posts. I decided to focus on the lack of communication on any network but generic OBD2. Because I only could communicate with the ECM & TCM in both Global OBD2 and OEM modes I looked closer at the protocols and network configuration of the vehicle. It appears DLC pin 7 only goes to the ECM & TCM, diagnostic K line. Pin 8 goes…

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