Engine Cranks It Will Not Start

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2009 Volkswagen Rabbit Comfortline 2.5L (CBTA) 6-spd (09G)—WVWBB71K49W051331
Engine Cranks Won't Start

Hello every one , I have a Volkswagen rabbit that cranks but it will not start, no power to injectors or coils, no power to pcm , wire schematics are not what I am used to, I suspect a relay or fuse problem, any guidance is greatly appreciated 

Matthew Technician
Elmsdale, Nova Scotia
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Coils are powered through Fuse 14 -20A in the engine compartment panel on the red/green wire at the coil. Injectors appear to be powered at the red/black wire through the fuel pump relay with the pump and are fused through Fuse 27 - 15A in the left door jamb. A quick test of the fuel pump relay is to open and close the drivers door, this controls the pump relay and can be heard. Let me know…

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Edwin Mobile Technician
Charleston, South Carolina
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Hi Santiago I cant stress this enough to technicians. Whenever you have an issue with no power first and for most make sure your battery is up to capacity. Then what i do is with the ignition switch on test every single fuse in the vehicle with a DVOM and at both sides of the fuse itself before you do any electrical testing on the vehicle.

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Albert Owner/Technician
Towanda, Pennsylvania
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very sound advice Edwin

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Albin Diagnostician
Leavenworth, Washington
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This is an interesting circuit. In looking over a wiring diagram, I see the fuel injectors are powered by the fuel pump relay, which powered by fuse 27, which is hot at all times. This relay is turned on by the PCM power relay. The PCM power relay terminal 30 is hot at all times. The PCM turns this relay on, through pin 23 of the PCM. When the PCM relay is turned on, fuse 13 is powered, then the…

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Mike Technician
Salina, Kansas
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Wireing diagrams will be your friend , make sure the battery is good shape. Then have a good multi meter .

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Albert Owner/Technician
Towanda, Pennsylvania
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VW uses block diagrams just take your time study them and you should start to understand them

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