The Moment It All Changed For Me; A Reflection As I Wait For October 13th. Hurry Up Super Saturday!

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It was only 6 or 7 years ago that I attended my first Automotive Training Conference. It was Nace/CARS in Orlando, Florida. Until that point, I didn’t even know that Automotive Service Industry had training conferences. I was excited to say the least. Something that I didn’t even know existed, coming to my neck of the woods! This meant that MY industry, my trade, had events designed to make me and others like me better! This was great! Fast forward 6 or 7 years later and I no longer have a job, I have a career.

I’m not alone. All of us at Trained By Techs are passionate about attending, supporting and promoting these events. This is a game changer in our opinion. Especially if you do more than just show up and attend the training. Put yourself out there and make new friends. These can be some of the best professional relationships anyone can ask for. It’s just plain exciting to meet and hang out with others that share your same passion. Try to attend one of these events. Make a commitment to do so. Ask your employer to help you get there. I’ve known several that assumed that their employer wouldn’t make the investment only to find out that all they had to do is ask. There are scholarships for most of the events as well. In fact, the first two Automechanika Events in Chicago were free. If you are the employer, budget for it. These things are not optional for us anymore. That’s just how much this means to us.

If you're like I was 6-7 years ago, you might not know anything about these events, where they are and what they are about, don’t worry, We’ve got you covered. From now on, Trained By Techs is going to keep a list of these events on our website. Just visit trainedbytechs​.​com and click on the Training Events Tab on the top right.

Now that I’m out of breath, I’d like to tell you about one that we’re excited about. The Automotive Service Association Of Pennsylvania have been putting on a show called Super Saturday at the Automotive Training Center, a 100 year old Post-Secondary Automotive Technical School at 900 Johnsville Blvd. in Warminster, PA., for at least a few years. These events are a little different from one another and Super Saturday is a perfect example of that. For the most part, this event is organized and put together by a shop owner and two technicians. That’s pretty darn cool! Remember when I said how awesome it was to meet and be-friend individuals that share your same passion? Well, these are your guys. They are very cool guys and they’re doing it!

A few of us attended last year and the vibe was just awesome. Everyone was hungry for knowledge and they were full when they left. There were attendees from 14 States and Canada and they expect more attendees this year.

Some of the Industries best trainers will be there teaching some great technical and management classes. I mean it, these are some of the best and we’re freaking excited about the classes that they are offering!

Carm from The Remarkable Results Podcast Radio Show attended last year and he will be in the house again this year. He’ll be focusing on our industries next generation of professionals which is perfect considering one of this year’s concepts. The Super Saturday crew decided to set aside a corner of the trade show this year for something that they are calling The Career Corner. This is going to be a place for current students and recent graduates of the Automotive Training Center to connect with some of our Industries best. The idea is to help find them a great home to start their career, and what a great idea it is.

Let’s not forget the trade show! Some of my favorite Venders will be there showing their support for you and our industry. They’ll most likely be ready to show their appreciation for your attending as well.

Come on out! You won’t regret it and we'll be super stoked to see you.

Check out the link below for more information about Super Saturday.


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Brin, Thank you and the rest of Trained by Techs for all your support. This year is going to be extra special becaause we are expecting to pack the house and out grow this facility. We have brought in more Super trainers this year with Eric Ziegler's diagnostic classes and Brandon Steckler's pressure transducer class is getting a ton of attention. We are catering to the next generation of

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Brin Diagnostician

We're really thankful for what you and Joe are putting together. You and Joe are being the bacon as Chris Chesney calls it. We're super excited about Super Saturday. You've got a rock star line up. You even have a good friend Pedro De La Tore strutting his Spanish speaking stuff! It's going to be one heck of a time!

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