ATG's July 2020 Training Seminars and Webinars Schedule

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We have both webinars and seminars to post about!

As COVID restrictions fluctuate, we are rescheduling live in-person seminars where we are allowed. Of course, there are COVID requirements in place at each live in-person venue.

Below are the LIVE-In person seminars we have coming up:

ATG's Essential Lab Scope Techniques (please note that due to COVID-19, each attendee will now be required to bring their own lab scope equipment to the seminar).

  • 07/15 & 07/16 Nashville, TN with Eric Walker
  • 07/15 & 07/16 San Diego, CA with Bryan Perrin
  • 07/20 & 07/21 Oklahoma City, OK with Eric Walker
  • 07/25 & 07/26 Tulsa, OK with Eric Walker
  • 07/27 & 07/28 Roanoke, VA with Wally Mouradian
  • 07/29 & 07/30 Asheville, NC with Wally Mouradian

If you are not near the area's above, or prefer online webinars, check out our upcoming July webinars below:

  • 07/08 & 07/09 Import Mechanical & Variable Valve Timing Diagnostics with Kris Lewis & Rick Kelley
  • 07/15 & 07/16 Duramax LML & LGH Diesel Engine Diagnostics with Wally Mouradian and Rick Kelley
  • 07/22 & 07/23 Intermittent Electrical Diagnostic Strategies with Rick Kelley and Kris Lewis
  • 07/29 & 07/30 Vehicle Network Diagnostic Strategies with Eric Walker and Kris Lewis

To sign up for any of the above, please check out our website: atgtraining​.​com/classes-and-da…

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy 4TH!

Dale Diagnostician
South Dakota
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Den missed the 7/8-7/9 class as I was thinking it was Thursday & Saturday for some reason and was gong to call and sign up in the morning. Need to plan ahead further and mark dates. Even had the book for referencing as I’ve noticed there’s a book purchase option when signing up if you don’t already have the book.

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Sandra Manager
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Hi Dale, Please contact me (…) if you ever miss or think you have missed a webinar. We have late sign-ups a lot of the time. We all get busy. Thanks! Sandra

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