NASTF VSPs Continue to Use Your Existing LSID and Password

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Continue to use your existing LSID and Password

We found in our cutover last night that there were codes coming from some automaker sites which were going to cause our system to require multiple D1s during a transaction. This did not happen during our previous testing. Rather than have this happen we decided to keep the current method working. Use your LSID and your LSID password to access automaker sites.

We will work with automakers to resolve this and alert you when we are ready to use the Authy codes. 

Please continue to migrate accounts and NASTF will continue to process registrations and renewals in the meantime. The NASTF website has been updated with more information for this process. Click here to visit 

Thank you for your patience.

John Owner
New York

Donny, Thank you for alerting us. Please remember to answer my question posed on my thread SDRM 2.0 migration when you have a chance. There are many that would like some clarification on this procedure.

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Frank Service Manager

It is so complicated - web page not working today - does not recognize my LSID or Password - 18 callers ahead of me, left message....

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Lane Mobile Technician

Right there with you Frank. Waiting to hear back from them as well, Didn't recognize my LSID or password. Assuming it wouldn't work if I needed to do a parameter reset or similar. Patiently waiting

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James Technician

Are we to do D1's online or still use the paper form? Jim

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