ADAS - LiDAR White Paper - Shedding Light on Automotive Applications & Challenges

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Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle Technology is a hot topic and although this discussion/article may not interest all here, however, there are some that it will likely resonate with. I came across an article promoted through SAE and knowing that this is primarily targeted to those creating/building/designing systems, the document talks about different sensor technologies which could lead to a deeper understanding and bring about a better sense of awareness, especially as they relate to what's currently in the field and what's coming.

More information on TechBriefs can be found here:



Steve from Irvine




This looks like a new norm for high end vehicles. The system that I am becoming familiar with will see 6 lanes of traffic as well as pedestrians and help see around objects. 

This is preparing for protecting the autonomous vehicle.

Great article.


Scott from Claremont



Thanks Steve,

Anything you can share from the "Ring's" perspective would be great as well.


Steve from Irvine



You can read about it in the SSPs. They give a good general knowledge, diagnosis is in the elsa or Erwin. 


Bob from East Longmeadow