2006 BMW 530i Crank/no start

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2006 BMW 530i 3.0L (N52) 6-spd (A6HP19Z)
Crank / No Start

2006 BMW 530i N52 Crank/no start I pulled codes, went to in. cam sensor to measure power, grounds and signal. Turns out no 12v. Ohm wire to ground... shorted!! Kinda can see it on vantage. F02 fuse pain in the arse to get to!! lol. I used alldata for wiring diagram and incomplete. Only shows 2 VANOS solenoids and 2 cam sensors in circuit I think there’s more on the circuit but I’m not 100%. Someone just did ac compressor on the vehicle same general area where the short was found. Wires were stuck to exhaust... Couple hours on this between wiring diagrams, messing with a dead battery, wiggling around wires(which is how I found it) and getting to the pain fuse 02 30A. Anything you would’ve done differently? I would like to know please and thank you!

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Create an account on bmwrechinfo. go to AIR and put in the last 7 of vin, you should be able to get factory diagrams for $30 for day

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Andres Diagnostician

Thanks I’m gonna have to do that.

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Paul Technical Support Specialist

I personally love the E-series BMWs. Its not because they are not complicated, but its because they dont have "unessecary" components on them failing (and possibly frequently). The interior "hidden lights" that change colors and brightness, for example is the first thing that comes to mind. Seriously!! Does one actually NEED that? One could want it, but do they actually need it?! Anyway, back

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