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Hey guys. I have a 2014 Quest here with a blank DIC in the IPC. It lights up but there is no info displayed on it. Everything else works correctly on the IPC. Does this need programmed after replacement? Also is it possible to use a used one? SI is somewhat vague even on the R and R procedure. Usually Nissan SI will tell you if something needs programmed or learned or calibrated etc. Im assuming this IPC is plug and play but need a second opinion. Thanks!

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I am pretty sure plug and play. If you go used, I would have the mileage adjusted to match the mileage on the vehicle. May need to do that even if it new. Not necessary for operation, but installing a cluster with incorrect mileage is a pet peeve of mine. Some manufacturers set the mileage on new ones, some don't. It's easily done with an eeprom programmer or some tools will program it through…

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Nissan or Infiniti does not rebuild this piece of equipment, it is sent back to the supplier and is swapped with a rebuilt unit. At the time of ordering a sheet of paper with the mileage and all other info is sent with the part and the rebuilt unit sent back is ready to be installed.. plug and play part.. no programming needed

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Cool thanks guys. For some reason sales wants to put it on the lot like this??!! Anyway I'm sure it will be back soon and I'll be ready. Thanks guys!

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