Chrysler PCM Repair O2 heater circuit failure

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I am looking for a Chrysler PCM to try a repair on the O2 heater driver circuit. If someone out there has one that they are currently working on and are willing to take the risk, I would like to try a board level repair. I am looking for the pictured version of the Chrysler computer. If you happen to have a vehicle that uses this particular part number, I can repair this one and sent it to you for on car testing. This one is from a 2011 Jeep Wrangler with a 3.7L engine. Thanks, Mike 



Glen Owner/Technician
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I know this is not what you asked but I have R4606410AK sitting on my self for years now, if you or anyone wants for free just let me know.

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Michael Mobile Technician
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Thank you for the offer Glen, I am really looking for a situation where we have a vehicle to test on. I think I will pass. Hopefully someone on here can use it.

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Justin Technician
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Would you mind pointing out where the eeprom is located along with other items on board . Also how did you get silicone sealer off to open up board ?

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