ATG'S schedule of classes for July 2018

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Greetings Everyone!

… (ATG) has the following classes available for the month of July 2018. All classes run from 6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. each night for both evenings, except where indicated below.


Whether you're experiencing a no-communication fault, U-Codes, or systems that are not operating properly, you need a flexible diagnostic plan that can adapt to the nature of the fault and the available tools. Therefore, that's how we built this all-new Vehicle Network Diagnostic Strategies training manual and seminar. Like all ATG products, this one tackles the 'High Level Indicators' first to quickly eliminate the most possible causes. This allows you to define the type of fault, determine the network configuration and expected test values to create the best diagnostic plan for the likely causes that remain. Only then do we cover specific network topology, known-good values, and specific Scan Tool and circuit test options, so you get the details precisely when you need them. This seminar and manual were researched in the shop from actual network opens, shorts, Scan Tool faults and module faults, as well as a number of unexpected system and component interactions.

*July 9th & 10th - Fort Myers, FL with Wally Mouradian 

*July 9th & 10th - Crestwood, IL with Kris Lewis 

*July 11th & 12th - Clearwater, FL with Wally Mouradian (6p-9:30p) 

*July 11th & 12th - Schaumburg, IL with Kris Lewis 

*July 16th & 17th - Hurst, TX with Rick Kelley 

*July 18th & 19th - Dallas, TX with Rick Kelley 

*July 23rd & 24th - San Bruno, CA with Dean Parsons 

*July 23rd & 24th - Independence, OH with Kris Lewis 

*July 23rd & 24th - Spokane Valley, WA with Rick Kelley 

*July 25th & 26th - San Jose, CA with Dean Parsons 

*July 25th & 26th - Akron, OH with Kris Lewis 

*July 25th & 26th - Pasco, WA with Rick Kelley 

*July 30th & 31st - Miami Springs, FL with Wally Mouradian


This all-new General Motors training seminar is the latest installment in our Domestic Engine Performance series, with topics arranged to maximize diagnostic efficiency by starting every discussion with 'High Level Indicators'. You can follow a 4-hour flowchart and fix 80% of the codes and drivability complaints, or you can practice the high level approach to narrow down possible cause lists and sort through what's left in a fraction of the time. Every year General Motors engine management systems become more complex while available system information and diagnostic instructions become more generalized. This seminar and manual were researched in the shop, and not from published repair information. Using this method, we've developed repeatable GM diagnostics based on actual failure patterns and proven best practices. 

*July 9th & 10th - Montrose, CO with Rick Kelley 

*July 9th & 10th - Nashville, TN with Eric Walker 

*July 11th & 12th - Colorado Springs, CO with Rick Kelley 

*July 11th & 12th - Bowling Green, KY with Eric Walker 

*July 16th & 17th - Fresno, CA with Dean Parsons 

*July 18th & 19th - Modesto, CA with Dean Parsons 


This all-new training seminar is the third in our popular Import series. Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is simple in design but difficult to diagnose because the traditional shortcuts of swapping out parts and disassembling for inspection are not practical. This is why we have adapted ATG's 'High Level Indicator' approach for ruling out possible causes before parts come off. The same approach applies to induction system diagnostics where repair information is vague, component access is difficult, and feedback loops are not always available. For all systems covered, the approach is first universal, and becomes manufacturer-specific only after the possible cause and tool/test lists have been completed and trimmed down. This seminar and manual were built by analyzing actual diagnostic struggles and documenting the shortest diagnostic paths for these systems. Because of this practical approach, you won't be buried in useless engineering detail -- only useful facts that you can measure and that will help guide your diagnostic path. This seminar continues the ATG tradition of saving you diagnostic time. We are in the 'wasted test prevention' business, and we hope you can attend!

*July 23rd & 24th - Green Bay, WI with Wally Mouradian 

*July 25th & 26th - Madison, WI with Wally Mouradian (6p-9:30p) 


ATG training manuals & seminars contain great strategies for thinking your way through a diagnosis. However, many diagnostic situations first call for duplicating the symptom or code, and this can be extremely frustrating. Well, now there's a seminar just for this problem! ATG believes that faults are usually present and measurable even if the symptoms or codes are intermittent, so we've developed a repeatable strategy for flushing out these elusive faults. This seminar applies to all manufacturers, so everyone will benefit. Intermittent faults stretch every technician's skills, so come to this class to learn how to win against the toughest diagnostic challenges. 

*July 16th & 17th - Greenville, SC with Wally Mouradian 

*July 18th & 19th - Greensboro, NC with Wally Mouradian 

For more information or to sign up please contact: Sandra … 

Purchase now to reserve your seat 2 weeks before the seminar date to get the early bird pricing of $209 after which the regular price is $249. 

Price includes the seat, training manual and certificate. Discounts available for multiple seat purchases.

Thank you & Have an awesome day!

Steven Diagnostician
New York

Took the first part of the Network class last night and continuing tonight, awesome class!

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Sandra Manager

Thank you Steven! We are thrilled you enjoyed the class!

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Luis Technician

Would love to have a class in southern Orange Count, CA for hands on, scope training/tips/diagnosing

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Sandra Manager

Hi Luis! Thank you for your response. What I will do is to relay your request to management. You can also submit a request via our website: atgtraining​.​com/new-subject-re… or I also see that you have attended some of our seminars. When you fill out the survey - you can add the request there as well. Plus of course, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing for a free

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