Land Rover 5.0 timing chain r&r

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2010 Land Rover LR4 HSE 5.0L (D) 6-spd (6HP28)

Looking for some pointers on doing the timing components on this lr4. I will be buying all the special tools needed. Just like to know if anything to lookout for. Thanks in advance

Mark Technical Support Specialist
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Just plan on replacing all the plastic coolant pipes. One across the back of heads and one under intake And the thermostat housing. If they aren’t leaking already they are on borrowed time.

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Chris Technician
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Firstly, most of them have a left hand thread on the crank bolt, but not all. Check the instructions, there's a way to tell them apart. Crank bolt is TIGHT. Factory crank holding tool is very helpful, but you'll need a block of wood to go along with it, and a 3/4" breaker bar. Assenmacher's timing tool set is an improvement on the factory tool which saves a bit of time in tensioning the chains…

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