Sliding door fault repair

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2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L 3.5L (J35A7) 5-spd (BGRA)
Sliding Door Malfunction
Pops Open
Parasitic Drain

I had this Honda Odyssey with an intermittent fault with the right side sliding door. Sometimes after the door closed, 3 seconds later it would unlatch and the rear of the door would pop out a little. This of course would cause a battery drain when it happened.

I uploaded some data pids that I recorded as I opened and closed the left and right side sliding doors. As you can see in the graph, the ratchet pid for the right side never changes state. The switch is part of the latch/motor assembly. We quoted the customer on a new latch but I figured I had nothing to lose to take the old one apart and see if it could be repaired. 

Turns out it was a very simple repair. After taking the latch out of the door there is a plastic cover that needs to be removed. After that, you can inspect all the moving parts. In the pictures below I circled the Ratchet switch and the pivot. The problem was that the pivot was seized and would not contact the switch.

You need to close the latch to check this. The pivot is spring loaded and should move freely back and forth. A little spritz with some cleaner and then some lube and I got the pivot nice and loose. Reinstalled the unit and the door worked perfectly. You can easily check the switch function with an ohm meter while manipulating the pivot. Of course you also want to make sure the switch has proper power and ground. 

None of the individual parts of the latch are available separately but if you have one with a switch fault it's worth a look since it could be a simple fix.

Tyler Technician

Thanks, Bob, great info! Our shop has seen this exact fault twice, but neither customer was willing to spend the money on repairs. Always wondered how these fail, exactly. Any concerns with freeing up the pivot as a lasting fix?

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Bob Diagnostician

I don't think so. The shaft and pivot weren't worn in any way. There was some type of brown goo at the base of the pivot that I cleaned out. Maybe some kind of factory grease that solidified? There is also a pin that faces downward that travels in a plastic groove. I cleaned that out also and then hit it with a little wd40 and it moved very freely.

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