Valvetronic fault

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2013 BMW X3 xDrive28i 2.0L (N20B20A) 8-spd (GA8HP45Z)
Crank / No Start

Vehicle was towed in for crank no start. The above codes are stored, and will not erase. I have 15 mPA of fuel and spark.

I suspect a timing issue. Im in the process of scoping the cam and crank,but would like to know if a Valvetronic fault(the 2 codes above) would cause the vehicle not to start? 

I know the valvetronic is essentially the throttle body in these vehicles,but I didn't think it affected starting. Can it?

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Hi Rudy, Valvetronic faults most certainly can cause a crank no start condition. If the intake valves can’t open, well... These faults indicate that the valvetronic motor is jammed. First confirm this is the case by visually monitoring the eccentric shaft for rotation (borescope in the oil filler) while activating the “learn end limit” function in scan tool. Then verify there is no damage to…

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Hi Rudy, yes these 2 codes can cause a no start. I just had one of these towed in on tuesday with same complaint. The one I did had about 4 or 5 codes all related to valvetronic. I cleared them and cranked it and 2 kept coming back. I dont recall both numbers but I do recall that 135608 code. I checked the harness that runs from the DME to the eccentric shaft and it appeared good. At one point…

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Thank you Luke and Richard. I cant quite get the borescope into the valve cover far enough to see anything(this is an N20 engine,lots of obstacles) So we are advising the customer of the need for exploratory diagnostics, and if they buy the time I will move forward and report back. If I dont update this thread,the customer declined any further work. Thanks again.

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