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2012 Infiniti QX56 5.6L (VK56VD) 7-spd

Hello, everyone ‘ I have 2012 qx56 in shop. It has issues with driver side heater seat. I have checked pretty much the basics. So the heater or cooler seat works only for few seconds then stop working. Every time i cycle the key It would work for few seconds only. Light in the heater ’cooler switch comes on for few seconds then go off. It does the same even I tur on heat or cold for seat. Passengers side works fine . It looks like control module for seat keep shutting down the system. I checked power and ground on control module. I jumped the blower in the seat it works. Checked resistance for thermal unit its around 6k oms. I'm not sure about the spec for resistance of thermal unit? .I also shaped the module from Passengers seat since it was a same parts no. Still same. Passenger side work with module swappe . So my module is good. I'm outta ideas. Would love hear form you guys. If anyone seen this or it's any common issue 'failure on nissan. I'm assuming something is keep shutting down the module.. checked the the connector and pins all seem fine​.​any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you upkar ….

Sheldon Technician

Look for a chaffed harness under the seat or melted connector, we see that quite often.

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Ray Diagnostician

Use a scope, measure and compare the voltages and the current draws from the passenger side with the driver side seat heaters. Put lots of time on the scope and measure the initial turn on volts and the amp draws.

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Bill Instructor

Ive included the fail safe operational mode parameters. The descriptions of time to failure and system operation after failure are pretty good and should help you to narrow down the problem with a couple of cycles of the operation and observation. For example: the first 2 failures (seat temperature problems) turn on the blower for 30 seconds after 4 seconds of malfunction. The open in the…

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Amandeep Apprentice

I have same issue with Sentra, climate control switch turns off after few seconds when turned on while ignition on. Pass side works fine. We had replaced climate control module under driver seat and blower this year and it fixed it. Vehicle is back for same issue and I’ve replaced control module for climate control. Still not fixed. Ordered blower fan for seat, hoping it will fix it. Please…

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Upkar Manager
Upkar Resolution

Thank you all for help. This seat has 2 thermal unit in one of was bad​.​replaced it all went good. Thank you all

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