Check Engine Codes after Timing Chain Replacement or Head-gasket Replacement

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2009 Land Rover LR3 HSE 4.4L (5) 6-spd (6HP26)
P2105 — Throttle Actuator Control System - Forced Engine Shutdown
P061A — Internal Control Module Torque Performance
Check Engine Light Codes P2105

… Sport and LR3 and 2006 to 2009 Range Rover 4.2L and 4.4L 


  • P2105 Throttle Control Forced Engine Shutdown
  • P061A-29 Internal Engine Torque Performance
  • P061A-64 Internal Engine Torque Performance

We often get vehicles that other shops worked on and the customer brings it to your shop for a 2nd opinion. I had 4 of these in the last few months from other shops . 


Customer complained these codes came on after head gaskets replacement or timing chain replacement. Codes come back under a slight to heavy acceleration. Also, when cleared they will not come back when all terrain programs are used. 


When pining the flywheel, the customer either tried to start the engine (with the pin still in the flywheel) or turned the engine over by hand (forgetting the pin in still in the flywheel). They could of also used the pin to lock the flywheel so they can loosen the crank pulley nut. This causes damage to the flywheel alignment pin hole which is pictured below, causing a corrupt crankshaft signal.


Replace the flywheel (flex plate)

Note: See attatched picture top flywheel is new flywheel and bottom is damaged pin hole 

Ray Diagnostician

Good diagnosis! Can you post the bad ckp waveform? Thanks Ray

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Eric Mechanic
New York

I agree with Ray, did you happen to have the known bad and good waveforms you used to prove this out? Be cool to look at.

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