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Case Study
Trained By Techs
2008 BMW 328xi 3.0L (N51B30A) 6-spd (A6HP19Z)
No Codes

When a vehicle arrives in your bay with a hesitation/"fish bite" misfire without any codes or any valuable data on your scan tool, where do you start your diagnostic approach? 

Do you own an E-scope or are curious how the E-scope user interface is setup? In this Video, Brandon Steckler demonstrates key features of the ATS Escope in this Ignition Misfire Case study.

Proving circuit integrity is a key-point in this video. To always take that extra step in your diagnosis to be 100% sure that you know the vehicle will be fixed with your findings.


Andrew Owner/Technician
Capitol Heights, Maryland
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Great job Brandon and Trained by Techs! This is 2 birds with one stone for a lot of us who are interested in also seeing that Escope in action. Great video, keep it up.

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Dean Owner
Albany, New York
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What were the smooth running values on the scan tool?

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Joel Diagnostician
Soquel, California
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very nice brandon thanks for sharing

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Brian Owner
Parma, Ohio
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Great job Brandon! Brian thanks for sharing.

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Brian Diagnostician
Willoughby, Ohio
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Thanks Brian. I hope to see you again at the next training class/event. Are you by chance going to Super Saturday in PA oct 12th? All of us at TBT will be there. Some of us even hosting classes of our own.

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Brian Owner
Parma, Ohio
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I am planning on being there in October, maybe we will cross paths before then.

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Ray Diagnostician
North York, Ontario
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This vehicle is an 08 Volvo XC90 4.4L with misfires. Each COP has 4 wires, power, ground, trigger and a feedback wire. CH A is the COP 6 ground voltage drop at 3.4v. CH B is the COP 5 ground voltage drop at 0v CH C is the COP 6 power wire with no voltage drop at 14.4v CH D is the COP amps at the fuse. The normal COPs draw 10.6A and COP 6 draws only 4.2A because of the ground voltage

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