Mobile Nissan Programmer needed in NE Florida

Damon Technician Macclenny, Florida Posted   Latest  

I need to know if there is a mobile Nissan programmer that can come and update a PCM in the NE Florida area. Our shop is in MacClenny, FL

Jamey Owner/Technician
Ventura, California
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Why not just use RAP? I think they support Nissan.

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Terry Diagnostician
Milton, Florida
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Damon, I’m About 4.5 hours away in Milton,Fl. I would suggest the same... the RAP box, from Drewtech ( Opus). Unless you need it quick. That’s a long haul for me. Maybe the local dealer? T …

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Benjamin Diagnostician
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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If you have a J2534 device BlueLink Diagnostic solutions may be a good solution as well. They are also an Opus company. I have used them many times for some European programming and have been very happy With their services. Nissan ECM and TCM is listed.

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Tony Owner/Technician
Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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Damon, I realize that this does not help you today but we will be deploying a mobile technician in the Jacksonville area in the next few weeks.

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Damon Technician
Macclenny, Florida
Damon Resolution

Thank you all for the info. Our shop has been considering the RAP and it looks like a good way to go. I have been doing GM and Ford programming with our j-box, but Nissan is too expensive to go that route for as infrequently as we need to program them.

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