Battery Drain

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2007 Audi Q7 4.2L (BAR) 6-spd (09D)
Instrument Needles Light Turns On Even If Car Is Locked
Battery Draw


I have this audi q7 2007 ,with battery drain problem​.​While the car is parked i notice that the instrument needles light turns on and it look like car not entering sleep mode.i connect multimeter to measure the current draw,it gives 0.18amp and it stuck at this value after 25min.

plz help and advice.

Andrew Technician
Denver, Colorado
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Check for an input switch stuck open or closed, for example the shifter. I had a Ford F-150 with cluster lights that didn’t turn off due to a park micro switch.

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Geoff Diagnostician
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I'm no Audi expert, but I was thinking what Andrew just said. Also, with the scan tool, pull-up whichever data list will show all the door, hood, bonnet, boot, and trunk latches. With the driver window down, turn the car off lock everything, and watch what happens on the tool.

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Martha Technician
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DONT PULL FUSES! Test all the fuses in the car with a volt meter (millivolt setting), look to see which one(s) have a voltage drop. See attached bulletin regarding checking car for quiescent drains. If there are numerous fuses with millivolt voltage reading (indicates current flow) then you may need to look further into the body CAN staying awake.

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Steven Owner/Technician
Rosedale, Maryland
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It’s also worth checking to see on which side of the car the draw is coming from. You should be able to disconnect the internal/interior electrical connection and the starter/alternator electrical connection at the battery or at a jump post under the hood. I’ve ran into issue on multiple Audi’s where the alternators internally fail causing a draw.

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Michael Owner/Technician
Irving, Texas
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I just worked on a vehicle with multiple communication issues and ended up being the alternator. I would focus on seeing what all the other modules are doing when the vehicle is shutting down. See if the cluster is the only one that says on other than the normal stuff.

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Aly Diagnostician
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This is a quick test for the car on the attachment​.​plz look and give me more help and advice.

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Lupo Diagnostician
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Look for installed aftermarket devices, like alarms and dealership installed tracking devices. I had similar situation with a honda accord.....good luck.

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Robert Diagnostician
Fair Oaks, California
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Check with an infrared camera for the hot module after sitting overnight. You can see which module is staying on and then you just need to find out why. Could be a door switch or other input that is keeping the computer awake. One of the images is a Nav unit that was staying on and the other is the Blue tooth module inside the center console. Both pictures were taken after the car sat overnight…

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Richard Diagnostician
Limón, Costa Rica
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With the tester connected to the battery as you are doing, start to disconnect the fuses one by one when you find the fuse that corresponds to excessive consumption, check the wiring diagram so you can find possible causes.

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Aly Diagnostician
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Instrument panel water ingress

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