Walnut blaster purchase

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Looking for a little pre purchase advice on a walnut blaster set up. Budget is not really a factor looking for ease of use and reliability. On a side note anyone using the ATS 3c machine with success for a vehicle that has buildup to a point of misfire.

Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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Stacey, The BMW system is pretty nice if budget is not an issue. I put together a system with an inexpensive pot and BMW attachments that works. I also have a bunch of catch cans. About 2 years ago I wanted to offer a service to walnut blast intake valves then add a catch can to prevent further buildup. In my mind it was a sound venture. I did this with my Ford F150 and it now has 210K miles…

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Dick Diagnostician
Manchester, New Hampshire
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We bought a generic blaster & walnut chips from Harbor Freight & then bought the correct adapters & it works great

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Stacey Technician
Brantford, Ontario
Stacey Update

Looks like we will be ordering the ecs tuning walnut blaster as a service item and the ats c3 unit as a preventive maintenance package. Hoping the ATS c3 kit brings the same Roi as motorvac did in its heyday. Thanks for everyone’s feed back

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Michael Owner/Technician
Montague, New Jersey
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According to ATS, using their kit precludes the need for blasting. Also Ck out Baum tools in Florida.

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Rick Technician
Dracut, Massachusetts
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We have been using the 3C system for about a year now. The 3C system actually works great. We have had numerous vehicles that have had heavy carbon with misfires and or drivability issues. The 3C took care of these problems. You will be happy with this system.

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Michael Owner/Technician
Montague, New Jersey
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Stacey, please take note of Rick's reply.

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Gary Owner/Technician
Owings, Maryland
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Stacey, You will have great results with the 3C Induction Cleaning System, I have personally solved many misfire/GDI deposit complaints, and in most cases, this system will clean these vehicles right to the metal, depending on actual deposit load, of course. However, I have still yet to fail at cleaning to the metal on the first pass, and I work with quite a few Mini/BMW and VW vehicles that…

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Eric Owner/Technician
Bethlehem, Connecticut
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Look no more any body that knows ats Equipment knows that it is made for a reason because it works. All of His tools are made with a tech in mind because a tech built them Bernie and Neil never give up. 3C is the only machine that works unless you want to remove the head or intake good luck selling that. I have done 30 or more with all successful stories.....

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