How a driver-less car sees the road

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This is a dated TedTalk, from 2015, but seems very relevant. The lack of views is fairly staggering to me. Again, this is dated so the way cars are "seeing" the road is changing/has changed for many reasons.



Mike from Fresno



Hi Matt,

I imagine the lack of views is because many are still skeptical about driverless cars actually happening. It reminds me of a conversation I had with my Dad many years ago. He worked on the moon missions. I remember back in the mid 1980's when missions to Mars were being discussed. I asked my Dad if he ever thought that would happen, because I was skeptical. His answer was that when people discussed back in the 1960's-1970's having a re-usable space vehicle (Space Shuttle), many thought that would never happen either.


Scott from Claremont



Wow, three years ago and the amount of data used to report this is staggering. 3M miles/day in simulaton back then, I wonder what they’ve learned through today? 

Thinking about the research $$ boggles my mind, who’s funding this and where/what are the projections for payback?

One sad thing here is that he’s pledged to deny his kids from experiencing the thill of WOT under one‘s own command! 

Thanks for sharing Matt.


Rudy from Montebello



That was an excellent video. Im going to present it at our next shop meeting.


Bob from East Longmeadow




That's a great video. The technology is really taking leaps and bounds. Often times people perceive the rate of progress to be slow because they don't see flying cars or other similar technology yet. The rate of advancement is really exponential and I think soon there will be a technology explosion that will leave people stunned. 

There are many technology fields that are advancing dramatically, each building on the other. Artificial Intelligence, Quantum computing, 3D printing, etc. etc. I think it's difficult to predict what the world will be like in the future but I'm convinced that even 5 years from now, we will be in awe of what has been invented and created.

I see a lot of positive and negatives in all the technology. I just pray the we can somehow maintain our individuality and freedom in the digital age. Here is another video with some similar sensor technology being used for a completely different purpose. Pay close attention to the list of capabilities they have with this system. This video is also from 2015 and the technology is likely already far advanced from the example in the video. The future is going to be a wild time.