California Smog Check Repair Resource - Problem Vehicles with Permanent DTC's

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P0315 — Crankshaft Position System Variation Not Learned
U0140 — Lost Communication With Body Control Module
P208A — Reductant Pump "A" Control Circuit/Open
P20B9 — Reductant Heater "A" Control Circuit/Open
P20BD — Reductant Heater "B" Control Circuit/Open
P20BE — Reductant Heater "B" Control Circuit Performance
P20FA — Reductant Pump "B" Control Circuit/Open
Permanent Dtc

Hello everyone, 

The California BAR revised their Smog Check Reference Manual to include Permanent DTC's from vehicle's of concern. This data should prove to be a useful asset prior to addressing permanent DTC analysis. 

Steven Technician
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Hello Scott, Great catch! Scott, Here's a link to a BAR PDTC's Publication You may find useful! It's a must have for Diagnostic Specialists. bar​.​ca​.​gov/Industry/Indus…​.​aspx BAR On-Board Diagnostic Test Reference, in it you will find PDTC's that are known broken Vehicles. There are several Dates of publication on these. The 7/27/20 has different but…

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