Virtual Classroom: Diagnostic Process Round Table

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Virtual Classroom will host a Diagnostic Process Round Table presented by teams from CTI+WTI, OPUS and Trained by Techs in all 3 sessions. 

Three vehicles with 3 very different issues. How would YOU approach it? The diagnostic process can vary greatly depending on the tools, service information and skill sets you have at hand. This talented team from CTI, OPUS, and Trained by Techs will present 3 case studies and explore how they would approach the problems. Sign in to not only see their methods but offer up how YOU would design a successful diagnosis​.​Choose the time that works best for you and register here: ctionline​.​com/index​.​php/virt…

Or select a link here for the time/date that fits your schedule. 

Dale Diagnostician
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Is there somewhere where we can view the diagnostic virtual classroom round table that they had for this topic. It appears there was three different sessions? If so are they available or archived somewhere and able to be viewed? Thanks, Dale N.

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