Transmission interlock code P0929-14

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2012 Land Rover Range Rover 5.0L (MQVH) 6-spd (ZF HP28)
P0929 — Gear Shift Lock Solenoid/Actuator Control Circuit "A" Range/Performance
Transmission Will Not Shift Out Of Park

We replaced the blower motor on this car during repair battery was disconnected. Tested shifter solenoid operates on bench test. Suspect transmission computer went bad when battery was disconnected. Need to verify problem. Thanks to all.

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Check fuse #9 and #22. Do you have a good signal coming from the brake switch?

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A battery disconnect should not kill a transmission computer. Do you want to hook JLR SDD up and scan the car with the factory software? Let us know, we can install that software for you remotely, you will need a computer with WIN 7 32 bit is recommended, 64 bit works fine, and a connector. J-2534 will work on this YM. Ah! I see 4 negative votes from doubters. What's up with you all? Our…

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Assuming you already have a Win 7 PC and J2534 device, you can install the latest version of SDD here for FREE: diagnosticdelivery​.​jlrext​.​com/idscentral Make a FREE Independent Operator TOPIx account here: topix​.​landrover​.​jlrext​.​com/topix/vehicle… And purchase a service info and/or programming/diagnostics subscription, the…

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