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2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty XL 5.4L 5-spd — 1FTWF31516EA70848

Looking to replace the instrument cluster with a used unit. A local rebuilder is correcting the mileage before it gets to the customer. It's a fairly easy going customer who wants to avoid the dealership, so I told him I'd take a shot at correcting the As-Built data with Forscan if he wanted. I've dealt with As-Built data numerous times while working at a Mazda dealership, but it's admittedly been around 7-8 years since then. In preparation I got Forscan up and running, and pulled As-Built off motorcraft service. The Hybrid Electronic Cluster lists 2 addresses, but when I check the old cluster with Forscan there are 3 addresses, and the information in the cells doesn't match up with Ford's numbers. Is there something I'm just not remembering about the process? The cluster that is being replaced is original as far as I know, so I'm not sure why there is a discrepancy.

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Only change the lines that are listed in the Factory as built. If your AC works and the door ajar functions normally, you should be good calibration wise If you have a passthru you can use it with FJDS to perform the HEC/IPC PMI. just remember when you ID the vehicle, keep the cluster unplugged until it prompts for install new component. this will force the as built to be entered.

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Jj Technician

This is what I was leaning towards, changing just the info that Ford provides. Unfortunately no passthru available. Appreciate the input, thanks Chris.

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John Owner/Technician

I think you can just backspace the data and type the as built for the vehicle you are working on and hit program.

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