Lab Scopes, Engine Diag, and Alignment Training

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How to Use Your Lab Scope IGN​.​305​.​1​.​WS Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 5:30PM to 9:30PM In this workshop we present how to set up and operate a lab scope for the purpose of testing automotive sensors and components of various types. We cover set up procedures, voltage and time base settings, and waveform capturing techniques. Waveform analysis is discussed on many different captures to differentiate 'good' and 'bad.' Several on-car demonstrations take place in our state-of-the-art service bays during this workshop. Maximum of 12 Seats Available $99.00

Advanced Alignment Diagnostics SS​.​104​.​1​.​WS Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - 8:00AM to 5:00PM This workshop enhances the skills of the professional undercar technician in the area of advanced and standard wheel alignment. It covers suspension and steering diagnosis due to bent parts from accidents and road hazards, vehicle modifications, tire/wheel resizing and height issues. A thorough understanding of camber, caster, toe, steering axis inclination (SAI), included angle, scrub radius and toe out on turns will assist the alignment technician in utilizing the aligner as a diagnostic tool. Related electronic systems are also covered in this course. Vehicle component inspection and customer communication skills are necessary traits for any successful alignment tech and the importance of these skills are stressed in this class. Maximum of 8 Seats Available $149.00

Electronic Engine Diagnostics DRV​.​605​.​1​.​WS Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 8:00AM to 5:00PM This workshop will focus on the different types of electronic engine diagnostic procedures used to diagnose today's engines. Both incylinder pressure transducers and manifold vacuum transducers used with a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) can reduce valuable diagnostic and teardown time on today's VVT equipped multi-cam engines. Maximum of 8 Seats Available $149.00

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