2007 Charger No Speedo

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2007 Dodge Charger 2.7L (R EER) 4-spd (42RLE)—2B3KA43RX7H734756

Called out to a shop customer had brought car in for p1005 intake runner code ,shop diagnosed faulty pcm .Shop replaced pcm customer returned 1 day later no speedo and p1005 returned . I arrived codes had just been cleared test drive confirmed no speedo needle or trip counter performed cluster reset tests ok ...drove still no speedo. My understanding of this system is front right wheel sensor provides sinal to the front control module which sends signal to pcm and to cluster via can data. FCM scandata shows a proper wheel speed signal . Scandata of pcm shows zero vehicle speed also trans data in pcm . I scoped can lines but all seems normal .Tach and other cluster lights operate as normal. The pcm was purchased from dodge and programed by independent tech. The fcm wad also replaced with a used known good..same results.

Richard Technician
Visalia, California
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Some times you need to go into the TIPM , TCM or PCM and reset the pinion factor or wheel size , If you have a scanner that will read those modules , Go into miscellaneous and look for tire size or pinion factor PID

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John Owner
Petal, Mississippi
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May have to do a configuration reset with a witech I have programmed a few ecm and had to perform configuration reset to get speedo to work when I got done

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Mike Owner
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am I correct to understand that the speedo and everything worked correctly initially after replacing the pcm, and it quit working after 1 day?

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Eric Service Advisor
Farmington , Washington
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I had a similar issue with a PT Cruzer after replacing a BCM. I ended up changing the country code to some where else and switching back to US. I know its a Different system but might be worth a try

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Craig Mobile Technician
Watkinsville, Georgia
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I have seen similar Chrysler vehicles of this era that had no Speedometer operation after a PCM replacment (used PCMs). Each time it was due to the wrong PCM being installed. The vehicle speed for the PCM is interpreted different ways, depending on if the vehicle is equipped with ABS or not. If the wrong PCM is installed, it will be looking for vehicle speed incorrectly, for how the rest of this…

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Robert Diagnostician
Stockton, California
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Turns out the customer had purchased the pcm from dodge and had a tech come out and flash​.​He flashed it with the wrong set up. Code p1502 came up pcm was looking for an additional vehicle speed sensor one with abs this one non abs.

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