Knocking noise in engine compartment

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2014 BMW M6 4.4L (S63B44B) 6-spd (GS6-53BZ)

2014 BMW M6 4.4L, V8 was brought to us from another shop customer complaint is noise heard between 1000 and 3000 rpm road tested vehicle and could not verify the complaint drove vehicle in the bay with engine running in park I raised the rpm to 1000 immediately heard the noise coming from the engine once rmp is raised above 3000 rpm the noise is goes away has anyone experienced this before ? i can hear it loud towards the top of the engine where the turbos are kind of under the cats mabye the high pressure pumps really strange that it only does it between … rpm.

Eric Owner/Technician
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Yes. I have a Toyota here right now making the same noise, Its getting an engine. Probably the same thing wrong with yours.

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Ray Diagnostician
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I would at least remove the serpentine belt, then ck if the noise is still there.

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Mike Technician
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Always eliminate the simple stuff first. And every single one of us still gets bit from time to time.

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Tim Mechanic
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Happened to me on the first ( and only so far) Subaru I replaced the head gaskets on. I accidentally left the little spring loaded arm pinned up for the variable valve lift. Sounded like heck until the oil solenoids actuated and then it immediately went away.

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Scott Owner/Technician
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And if cant find anything do an oil sample

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Laird Owner/Technician
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Make sure it doesn't have a variable intake actuator or flap that is broken and bouncing around... just a thought

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Khalifah Engineer
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Check on the oil strainer and the oil pump

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Joe Diagnostician
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thank you all for networking and taking time to respond it is greatly appreciated previou shop replaced engine with rebuilt and could not pin point root cause of engine noise asked us to look at it we fell short of pinpointMing noise also but suspect it’s definitely internal the other shop said they could send it back for another told them that was the way to go thanks again

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