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2017 Jaguar XE 2.0L (N) 8-spd (8HP45)
P245B — EGR Cooler Bypass Control Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1

So, you have found yourself with a 2017 Jaguar with the inginium diesel, yes i said diesel. We all know when it comes to Jaguar information isn't plentiful or just outright nonexistent. Now you are presented with a new vehicle and less information then an IKEA instruction booklet. 

What do we do? We all would naturally take the regular diagnostic approach to a code like this, EGR cooler bypass and say if we have power and ground we may have a bypass solenoid that has failed. Now you have ordered one because the customer hates the dealer and just wants you to fix it. Now you have replaced the bypass solenoid located by egr cooler, cleared codes and went on a road test just to have the MIL turn on and the same code return. You performed all your tests and can’t find anything. 

Well you may have been looking at the component, The majority of the vacuum supply that control operation of egr control also supplies vacuum to the active engine mounts. The mounts will leak vacuum if the internal diaphragm ruptures, considering this is a diesel a rough engine feel really isn't that noticeable, but considering now the failed engine mount is essentially leaking vacuum, you no longer have the supply to allow all of egr bypass operation and you end up with the egr bypass code. If you Isolate the engine mount from the vacuum system and with a hand pump apply vacuum to either the left or right mount you will find that it is either slowly leaking vacuum or it is not holding vacuum. 

Jaxon Technical Support Specialist

Hello Alan, is this a question or a statement?

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Chris Diagnostician

Jaxon, Alan has this under a Tech Tip category/driveability. I took it as additional information that we might have a hard time coming across for this fault code. Thank you for this Alan. I'll take any and all information available.

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Bentley Manager

Thanks for the tip!

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Zachary Mobile Technician

Nice piece of information Señor. Thanks for sharing. I assume this application has a vacuum pump. Is there perhaps a sensor in the vacuum system somewhere that has a corresponding scan tool pid? Or if it's an electric vacuum pump perhaps a higher than normal duty cycle that suggests the leak? Just wondering if it's something you could see evidence of in some high level indicators to steer your

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Alan Technical Support Specialist

You pretty much hit it right on the head, it is a Jaguar and this is their first attempt at a modern 4 cylinder diesel in the states, so I am sure with time proper changes will take place, Or at least i am hoping that will be the case.

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