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2013 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L (F 99F) 6-spd (MT82)

Got a call from a body shop today to program a RCM on a Mustang that had the air bags deployed. Should have been no big deal. I get there and can't do a PMI because the old module is unresponsive. So.. had to go the As built data route. Ford's server had been unresponsive since yesterday...didn't come back up until 2:45 today. I go to look up the RCM data and there is none. The only thing I see is PCM and BCE information. I know I have only had to do "as built data" only a few times. Can someone tell me what I'm missing???

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It’s going to be under BCE MODULES starting with 737-01. It doesn't list it as specific modules.

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Thanks guys for all your responses. I went back in to the server and now I understand where I went wrong. Thanks again

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Could you share where you went wrong? in case someone else gets in the same boat and doesn't figure it out.

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