Nissan fuel cutoff

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2004 Nissan Frontier SC 3.3L (VG33ER) 4-spd
Intermediate Fuel Cutoff

04 frontier, sometimes when driving it for about 10 minutes or so, it'll seen like the ecm is commanding fuel cutoff, it'll command bank 1 and 2 injector pulse down to .4ms when this does happen, I'm generally on the gas about 30%, and it's pretty random. It won't rev past 2k, and has a 300rpm jump. It'll stay in this, until I slow down almost to a stop, then I may speed up and it's fine. You can't power through it, if it's acting up, 20%-100% throttle doesn't help. I've looked at, and adjusted to spec, ignition timing, and tps, my close switch on tps is working correctly, my vss isn't glitches out or going high, commanding engine to slow down. My engine rpm ready is consistent, and my cam signals are good. All checked with lab scope if possible. Fuel pressure and spark are good. Why would the ecm be commanding so little injector pulse?

Joel Diagnostician

Have you monitored the brake pedal position swith PID? if this swith failed during driving and reports brake pedal depress the ecm , commands the throttle body to open to max 33% . Another one I had with on e of those Nissan was customer concern vehicl lack of power mainly at night time day timewss fine. During my diag found the brake light bulb was shorted with courtesy filament ,makes sense…

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Rod Diagnostician

My first test would be to monitor charging system voltage for over charge when the symptom occurs.

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Eric Manager

You did not mention anything about MAF. Also what are O2 sensors doing and what is fuel trim command?

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Christopher Mechanic
North Carolina

Sorry for the such late response, the cluster ended up being bad, The vss sends signal to the speedo, then the speedo sends it to the pcm, it would drop to pcm sporadically, if ibwas going 35 mph, it would sometimes drop to zero, and pcm would command fuel cutoff. But it would take 10 seconds or so of no reading for pcm to command. It kicked my ass for sure, but I got it figured out.

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