Rear differential covers. Are they more than a cover?

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Gale Banks is doing a great series of videos on YouTube. He set out to find out if aftermarket rear differential covers are helpful, hurtful, or just useless bling. 

He is doing his testing scientifically to ensure accuracy of the results. I've known Gale Bank to be an extremely knowledgeable guy in respect to diesel engines (and some gas engines). In these videos here, you can see his passion for knowledge that we all share. 3 of the videos have been released and I have to admit that I'm drawn in. I honestly didn't think too much about this seemingly unremarkable part until now. 

Please enjoy

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Keith Instructor

Gale is a really high level guy, we should probably send him an invite for Diag​.​net I have spoke to him a few times at SEMA and AAPEX a couple years back. He is still on the cutting edge of everything that I can tell. I always enjoy all his informational stuff. Gale also has a very neat humidity and air density meter he uses for tuning.

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Michael Technician

Great post. I'm hooked.

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Rudy Technician

I watched all 3. Very interesting. looking forward to the conclusion.

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