Catching Up With Your Mentor

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Mentoring is a special relationship that grows between two individuals and also within themselves personally. With me is Jim Morton and Brandon Steckler: Mentor and Mentee. We all know when you teach you learn, but did you also know the best mentor never responds to a question with an answer? In this episode, Jim and Brandon discuss the essence of mentorship. They also agree that going back to the basics is the simplest and often overlooked foundation for any successful diagnostician. I bet you are not surprised!



Jim Mobile Technician

Thank You so much for going back and remembering How I meet Brandon and feeling that “Fire in His Belly”, He said he wanted to be the BEST he could and I believe he held up to his end of the deal. I know there are A LOT of others that take young techs under their wings and help guide them, I just Hope and Pray that some senior techs would STOP trying to “Eat the Young”. As a former Post…

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