Limp mode /Engine performance / No poor output

Joseph Technical Support Specialist New York Posted  
2010 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 3.0L (642.898) 5-spd (W5A380)
Limp Mode /Engine Performance / No Poor Output

this applies to 906 chassis sprinter …

So, i just want to bring this up since this actually come across my lap. 

I was working with another tech on a Sprinter that wouldnt really go over 2-3MPH. This wasnt why this Sprinter came in. It came in on a flat bed because of limited start lock out. After the tech work his limited starts reset magic, the vehicle would not gain speed. It literally just putt putt putt right along and not able to gain any speed..... But in reverse this wasnt an issue. It would gain speed in revere and in Neutral the engine could REV no problem. ?????????????? So im just confused at this point?????????????? Why this could be?

Looking through a couple of reliable resources i came across a Mercedes-Benz document LI07.00-N-061850. This document simply states "During CDI Flashing the SCN coding of the "Maximum vehicle speed limit" setting has been reset to 8km/h" 

Take a look...

i went back in and just like the the document mentioned, it was actually set to 8KPH

i reset to what it should have been set to ( make sure you are not overriding a setting that a company has already set such as 55MPH for a bus application and so on) which is 132KHM and BOOM! yea, the truck was able to drive normally after this. 

just a little tip for y'all