The real elephant in the room, scandal by the new car manufactures

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Guys I have been talking to a guy in NZ and I want your views on my conspiracy theory.

The real elephant in the room is this. The latest scandal the new car manufactures are pulling worldwide is to withhold information from their dealer networks therefore they no longer have to offer this to the aftermarket because the regulations overseas (and soon to be in Australia) only stipulate they have to offer the aftermarket the same level of information as what they do for their dealers. So the way they get around this is by not offering all their data info to their dealers, and they get around this by setting up central diagnostic departments in some part the world were the dealership simply log the fault to the department and the department tells the dealer tech what to do without disclosing any data information.

So in other words the tech can be some dummy that is not taught to think and simply follows instructions without understanding what he is really doing. This way the car manufacture doesn’t need trained diagnostic technicians anymore and the aftermarket are cut off from any sensitive shared car manufacture information by the manufacture and the manufacture has not contravened any mandatory laws.

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Tim Curriculum Developer

Great post - I think we're all feeling this pain. We are generally lumping this trend into the term 'guided diagnostics', where repair information, and in fact the entire diagnostic process, may be integrated into the tool (or the online tool interface) rather than offered as separate information. While this does get around information availability mandates, we suspect that the real reason for

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Donny Owner/Technician

I have to agree with Tim on this. I have worked with OEs and the aftermarket for over 20 years. As the Executive Officer of the National Automotive Service Task Force believe me when I say that automakers are not capable of a conspiracy. They are so uber competitive with one another and have so many different factions within each company there is just no way they could or would want to

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Accurate response Donny and right on the money. I spent most of my first 12 years in the trade in the aftermarket and since 1980 have been associated with only one manufacturer, first as a technician for 23 years and subsequently transitioned into instruction full-time since ~ … I've experienced a lot of change in my 50 years in this field and have observed many huge steps in North

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