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2010 Mini Cooper Ray 1.6L (N12B16) 6-spd (Getrag 252)

Here is a quick check for a crank no start issue for a Mini Cooper R55-R56-R57-R58-R59-R60-R61 with an N12, N14 ,N16 or N18 engine

In the event of a crank no start with no faults in the vehicle indicating an issue with the DME or CAS modules, check the ignition coils for battery voltage. At each coil pin 3 green colored wire there should battery voltage Key On Engine Off. The supply is shared among the coils from DME through splice X696 

If this is not present with the ignition on you need to check Fuse 10 in the engine bay fuse holder. If this fuse is intact with battery voltage present then back pin the DME at connector X60004 pin 1 Red/Green wire. In the event you find that there is no voltage here you need to check the Relay K6326. An issue that seems to be happening more and more is the Relay is not being activated. The Junction Box Electronics (JBE) Grounds the red wire pin 6 connector X4010 at the engine bay fuse box. If there is battery voltage with no ground activation on this wire ground the relay activation wire to the Chassis and check the power at the ignition coils. If the power has returned check to see if the engine fires. If the engine now has spark and fires the JBE is most likely faulty and requires replacement. You will just want to confirm the wire is intact front pin 6 connector X4010 on the engine bay fuse box to the JBE pin 3 red wire Connector X11002

As a not the module should be new when replacing it as it contains the Vehicle order and should only require coding.

**Wring diagrams from Newtis

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Thanks for the tip.

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Bill Owner/Technician

John - Great Tip and write up! i have personally run into this issue and figuring it out took a lot longer than it seems.... I have replaced the JBE for this concern 2 times... One had water intrusion from the sunroof drain so watch out for that

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