Programming a Suzuki for the first time

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2008 Suzuki SX4 2.0L 4-spd — JS2YC415785104842
U0100 — Lost Communication With ECM/PCM "A"

Today I had the pleasure of programming my first Suzuki Sx4 with SEP which is Suzuki software. We bought the year script which is cheap at 150 dollars for the year. NASTF luckily had downloading instructions which I followed but I still found myself having a issue actually finding the program to use. So I read the manual that is offered on the Suzuki site and found what I had missed.

After downloading the program and the calibration files and the Jbox drivers you will unzip the files and the calibration files you will also do. So make sure to copy the serial number from buying the script as you will need it for all the calibration files and unzipping the files you downloaded. What I had missed was going into the c: drive and opening the Program file and for 64 bit its program file X86. This is where you will find the suzuki file and you will open that and then the next file it opens you will right click it and save shortcut to desktop and you will be ready to go.

I successfully programmed this vehicle using this. But now the problem is that it has a mismatch for the immobilizer system so it cranks but does not start. I believe the code is a P1646 which is a immobilizer system mismatch so Im thinking more programming is needed as this car has multiple used modules installed not sure how many at this time but definitely the TCM is and the Ecm is as vin didnt match car hence why I flashed it. Very limited information available for this so any input would be great. Gonna see about programming the other modules to ensure they all match the car they are in. 

I also borrowed a suzuki card for the tech 2 but dont seem to have the immobilizer system on it only has bcm and abs modules. Hoping someone else has some more experience dealing with these cards as I have read the manual and it basically blames the ecm being bad or incorrect or the Bcm being bad. With not knowing any of this vehicles background as its a Auction bought car by a used car dealer its very possible most of the modules been replaced hence why I was gonna continue with flashing the other modules. Please any input is appreciated in this dilemma 

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Here is a quick video I shot last year on a Forenza/Reno using SEPS. I've done a few dozen Suzuki's over the last 5 years with zero programming issues using various J2534 hardware (Cardaq+, MDI, etc). One thing to note is that the most common Suzuki to require programming is the XL7, which is a rebadged Equinox. Suzuki uses a version of GM SPS for this and there is a separate build of 32MB

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Thank you for the video and information. I appreciate the input as this was a learning experience for me

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Forgot to update this but figured I would just in case someone else has this issue. Found the Antenna around the key cylinder was bad. Once replaced was able to program key and vehicle started and ran. Test drove vehicle and it now shifted where before with the manual trans PCM it would not.

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