Running bad after valve job

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2007 Mini Cooper 1.6L (N12B16A) 6-spd (GA6F21WA)—WMWMF33517TL77192
Poor Idle

100k on vehicle, it was running good before it broke both of the #3 exhaust valves while driving under load. Machine shop replaced the # 3 exhaust valves and # 2 intake valve, Head checked good. After reassembly engine would just surge at 2-3 k rpm. Higher rpm seemed better. Idle surging bad and stalling. Sets misfire codes for all the cylinders randomly when trying to run vehicle and seems to be running rich. ECM adaptives has been reset with scanner. Valve timing was set with tool. Rechecked after running and still set okay. Set the intermediate shaft at the middle position, intermediate shaft motor is moving with vehicle running. drained and replaced fuel, fuel pressure and volume both tested good, relative and manual compression tests are both good (all are +/- 5 psi of 195 psi). 

Joseph Diagnostician
San Antonio, Texas
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I googled the provided VIN WMWMF33517TL77192 and cannot determine if the vehicle has a turbo. I mention this because I've had a lot of DIY engine builds have similar concerns. The contributing factor was mis-routed vacuum lines. Every vehicle with these concerns after engine work, had a turbo, and have a vacuum line circuit crossed. Good Luck

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Nathan Mechanic
Littleton, Colorado
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N12 should be the n/a motor. N14 is the turbo motor. So from the title should be a non turbo.

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Steven Mechanic
Spokane, Washington
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We've run into similar situations and two separate times it was debris left over from the machine shop making its way to the VANOS solenoid valve. Luckily the screens were still in place, so I was able to clean the screen off. I had to remove and clean the screen several times until there was no more debris. One of the cars, I left the VANOS valve out and started up the engine for just a few…

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Richard Technician
Stony Brook, New York
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I had the exact same thing happen to me on the last mini I did a cylinder head on. That one as due to timing chain failure and it ran poorly. It took me a while before I figured out the screen was all clogged on the solenoid. I ended up just putting a new solenoid in it.

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Joe Owner/Technician
Victoria, British Columbia
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I don't have much hair left because of mini problems. These engines run hot (105 deg C) I have run into intake valve seats falling out and jamming the valve open, one time to the point of total compression loss, sometimes it popes back in and doesn't happen again for a week. Pulled head off, fixed dropped seat, put head back on drove it home and back twice, third time back down to work same…

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Sadel Owner/Technician
Fairfield, Ohio
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I would start with checking crankcase pressures (if you have a way to do so) and performing smoke test to see if there is any crankcase leaks or vacuum leaks. Very common issue on these and def will cause misfires on all cylinders and the stalling issue. in particular check the breather hose coming off the valve cover and routes to the back under the intake by the throttle, its plastic and can…

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Ken Technician
Wailuku, Hawaii
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Yes a smoke test is next in line. Do you have any idea on where to set the intermediate shaft? Does it matter? I have the valve cover off at this time and need to look at the shaft while someone turns the key on. According to some of the info on Alldata it's suppose to run a self test when the key is turned on. Any info you know will be appreciated.

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Johnny Owner/Technician
Kissimmee, Florida
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the eccentric shaft have to be adjust to the minimum lift the you reassemble everything you should get motor logic Softwear I have both all data /motor logic one have info that the other don't have we have Bmw ista to

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Jay Technician
Ridgecrest, California
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After verifying the basics - Have you worked through the test plans in ISTA? Have had good results following through to completion with them. You can use a Jbox for these, but would use ICOM for any programming.

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Johnny Owner/Technician
Kissimmee, Florida
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Did you smoke test for any vacuum leak also check for the fuel trims to get better idea where the problem may be check the o2 sensor when they short out the dme well messed up everything gook Loock

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Clinton Diagnostician
Concord, California
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If you have access to an in cylinder pressure transducer & a labscope you can check the valve timing in Cylinders 2 & 3. I’d make sure that they open/ close when they should & that the valve overlap is within range. I know you said relative compression & mechanical compression was good, but It’s possible to have unintended valve overlap without losing compression. The overlap…

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Kabel Technician
Wailuku, Hawaii
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Does anyone have a good cam crank correlation pattern For this vehicle?

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Ken Technician
Wailuku, Hawaii
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Sorry I didn't back to everyone sooner. This car is my wife's and I only get a chance every now again to work on it. You have given me some things to try and some things to research. I'll will reply and let know what happens next. Hopefully that will inclued a fix.

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