Beta Test of Diagnostic Network

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Welcome to the beta test of Diagnostic Network!

Although this is a beta test, we are hoping to see real-world use of DN that will remain in place once the beta has ended, and the platform is open to all. So please post real discussions, questions, and so on. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

If you have any feedback, you can reply here in this discussion, or send it to, or use the “Beta Feedback” button on the bottom of every page. The feedback button will even let you attach a screenshot of the page you’re on. 

Known Issues & Upcoming Features

There are many known issues and features we have slated for an upcoming release. Some of these features may come during the beta, others will likely happen in version 1.1. Here are a few of the more important issues that we’re aware of:

  • There are issues using IE, Edge, and a few in Firefox. For now we recommend Chrome and Safari. We are working on squashing bugs in the other browsers. Even so, if you’re using IE10 or lower, we’d highly recommend switching to Chrome, or even Edge.
  • Right now when you click on a message from the homepage, the discussion will load in a new tab. Some browsers, like Safari, will let you hit the back button and close the tab, taking you to the homepage. Others will require you to close the tab. Or you can click the Diagnostic Network logo to go to the home stream. In the future, we will be making improvements to how the messages load, so that you aren't bouncing around like this.
  • You can’t currently edit some of your information on your settings page. For now, you can email if you need something updated.
  • Mostly the site should work great on mobile/tablet size devices, but we are aware of some things we need to optimize, like wasted space in the message stream on the homepage, when at mobile sizes.
  • If your message fits in more than one topic, you can select a second topic by typing the name of the second topic after having already selected the first, or by clicking out of the box and back into the box. We will make this more intuitive soon.
  • Currently we only support photo uploads. Video, document and data files will be coming very soon.
  • Files you attach to your messages are simply showed at the bottom of each message for now. Eventually you will have greater control over how these are embedded in your message.
  • YouTube/Vimeo videos are not yet being embedded in the messages, this will come soon.
  • Rich link previews will be coming soon (i.e. you include a link in a message, and a nice preview/summary message will appear along with it).
  • When composing a message, rich text editing can be done in a variety of ways, but the primary way is simply to select some text, and the editor balloon appears to allow you to tastefully 😉 adorn your message text with bold, italics, lists, and so forth. You can also use common CTRL- key combinations, and for nerds, some Markup is supported. (Try typing two asterisks on either side of some text, for example.)
  • As you can see in the last message, emoji are allowed. We currently are not limiting it too much, but will probably be taking steps to prevent it from being abused.
  • Soon you will be able to edit your messages for up to 5 minutes after you’ve posted. During this brief window of time, the message will not be visible to other members. Further down the road, we will allow editing of messages at any time. This is more involved, as we need to support viewing a message’s history of edits.
  • The design of our email notifications will be improved soon.
  • Everyone will earn points for participating on DN in a variety of ways. What it boils down to is members will earn points for positive participation (things like posting, replying, having your messages rated up, etc), and may lose points in negative situations. Over time we have some cool plans for this system…

Thanks everyone, this is going to be fun!

Scott Thomas Manager
Scott Thomas

Thanks for the introduction Tom, and I am looking forward to some of the improvements, when they come online.

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Danny Iwama Technician
Danny Iwama

Hi Tom!

Good to know you're here!    I appears to me that the site was written for viewing on a mobile device.   I narrowed the browser window on my PC in order to more easily read the post.    Sorta reminds me of how the other place originally allowed text to not wrap when the forums first came online. 

Any tips on how to open the site on a PC with a tablet view easily.   I did a Ctrl-N to open a new window and then resized that window.   I'll put a bookmark on my toolbar eventually.  

BTW, I like how you make it easy to format text. :-)

The posts look good on my  Fire HD 8,  I'm using Chrome.   I side loaded the Google Play store to get it on the tablet.   I guess the app is coming.   

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Tom Winzig Engineer
Tom Winzig

Hi Danny!

Letting the text flow freely has tons of advantages and only one disadvantage: it can be annoying on extremely wide windows. We will improve the layout over the next few weeks to address this. It's generally only an issue on the first message in a discussion, as the replies have less room to work with. 

In terms of a native mobile app, that will likely come later. Right now we're focused on delivering a really great experience on mobile web (there are a lot of things we'll be tweaking in that regard). 

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Jeffrey McCloud Manager
Jeffrey McCloud

You and Scott have been busy! It's good to know you're a part if Diagnostic Network.

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Bob Powell Diagnostician
Bob Powell

Tom, It would be nice to be able to see who is being replied to in the header of the reply. When a thread starts to get long it can be hard to keep track of who is talking to who.

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